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Middle East Dredging Co, situated in Beirut in the heart of Lebanon , was born of the every-day dredging world.
It was founded to accomplish the marine dredging projects all around Lebanon, Middle East and Africa.
The experience made before that period by some engineer working in the company in the field of dredging technology, was a big gain for the company, which resulted in the development of a multitude of new sand and gravel dredgers and peripheral equipment.
The improvement of quality, efficiency, working life and maintenance-ease and environmental standards of dredgers equipment is continually worked on.
The high quality of work opened the Middle East and African market for the company.
Apart from the production of suction Dredgers and Cutter Suction Dredgers, Middle East Dredging Co.

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Dredge Info

Dredging will be performed using a closed bucket mechanical dredge. The dredged material will be loaded onto barges or scows that will be then moved to the disposal area. Next, dredged material will be mixed with water (slurried) that is obtained from the CDF, to make a mud-mixture. This slurry is then pumped into the CDF and allowed to settle. As the sediment settles to the bottom, clean water remains at the surface, which can then be recycled for additional sediment placement.


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