Dredging & Reclamation

Dredging is our mainstream business positioning us at the top, as one of the largest dredging players in the region. Today our dredging operation capability in a highly sophisticated business, and with the help of the latest modern technology, this helps our customers not only meet their needs but to exceed their expectations.


We collaborate with a chinese company capable of producing  the latest dredgers in all sizes based on demand and quality, which utilizes state-of-the-art facilities for the creation of top-class dredging and equipment.
It is our “Processes & Technology –” together with our dedicated workforce – that makes us the leaders in totally integrated solutions for the international dredging industry. Keywords are: technology, innovation, flexibility, humanity and the integrated approach of all disciplines involved. These are supported by ultramodern machinery, computer-supporter logistics, and the integration of engineering and manufacturing.


we have a Chinese company capable to offer HDPE pipe and floaters, these are sturdy and highly durable. They have excellent resistance to chemical reactions and corrosion. They are widely used in a number of marine applications, especially on the sea. Their dimensions can be customized depending upon the specifications of the customer. We make them available at market leading prices.



We have a Chinese pump brand, the most famous in hebei procince:
pump basin on international (warman) gravel pumps.
aiming at rivers and seas out of repair. AN pump is a single stage, single suction cantilever, horizontal, centrifugal pump with advantages or light weight, super dredging performance, perfectly sited for the dredge on the whole construction, high economic benefits, etc…
All the parts of the impeller, volute, throat brush and frame plate liner insert are made by high chrome cast iron material (KmTBCr26) , the sturdiness is no other than 58HRC.
Also the parts can be changed into suitable material basing on a different medium. We have all sizes.